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Windy City Pizza

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Thin Crust Chicago Pizza In Delray Beach

Locals from Chicago know that the deep dish is mostly for tourists. We offer something different. Thin crust with a slight crunch, square slices instead of wedges, cheese and toppings all the way to the edge — that is the Windy City way.



Garlic Bites

Chicago dough Fried and covered in Garlic Butter

6ct $3.97

Italian Beef

Flavorfull top round with Peppers and Giardinera on a Turano roll

deep dish pizza

Deep Dish

Homemade Crust Filled with Cheese ,Toppings and Sauce

14in $32.99

Why Us ?

We are a small Family owned Restaurant that prides ourselves on using real Chicago products and treating everyone like family..

Dine In

Come by the shop for great food and great times.

Take Out

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The Delivery Dudes will deliver our delicious pizza.

Tuesday – Sunday.
11:30am – 9:30pm

Monday Close

Free Parking Behind Shop

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Vienna Beef